What is Counselling?

Counselling provides you with a chance to bring things that are causing you concern, difficulty or distress to someone who is trained and experienced in providing psychological and relational help.

When do people seek counselling?

  • When we lose our way
  • When we lose someone close to us
  • When we face an uncomfortable transition or a difficult relationship
  • When we are troubled by unwanted thoughts and feelings

Those who are unhappy have no need for anything in this world but people capable of giving them their attention… a rare and difficult thing. Simone Weil

How I work

I work in the counselling tradition of Carl Rogers. This means taking a positive approach which avoids judging the client. It is about working with you to

  • build a strong working relationship
  • understand what your life looks like from your point of view
  • be open and honest
  • hold the light up to your own creative wisdom

A creative approach

Counselling can be more than just talking. Sometimes, the best approach to a problem is from another direction. Poetry can cast a different light, and I have seen many clients benefit greatly from working with it.

However, no prior experience with poetry is needed. Creative approaches are tailored to your individual needs and wants, so there’s no pressure if this doesn’t sound like your thing!

Working outdoors

When it is possible, I find that working outdoors adds another dimension: a refreshing engagement with the natural world.  A local wood provides quiet  and beautiful spaces for confidential conversations.

Finding relief

Clients find relief on different levels:

  • From sharing thoughts and feelings which you have been unable to speak out before.
  • From being heard and understood.
  • From feeling accompanied: you are no longer alone with your problems.

As therapy progresses, things start to make sense, and you gain a new understanding. Often, you start to experiment, trying out new ideas and practices. The aim is that you can become your own counsellor and integrate your new understanding back into your life.