First Steps


Please contact me to arrange a free introductory twenty-minute conversation, where we discuss your needs, no strings attached. This is to explain the therapy and see whether it’s right for you.


Therapy sessions are planned according to your requirements. We start with a more thorough assessment meeting, and establish a working agreement.

We usually plan for a block of six sessions. After a review, we proceed according to your needs.

Indoors or Outdoors?


I am currently mostly working by telephone or Zoom.  However, I can also arrange to see you face-to-face.


I offer walk-and-talk counselling  sessions in the peace of a local beauty spot.

For an outdoor session, clients are requested to come equipped with appropriate footwear and waterproof clothing if necessary.

For more details, please look at my contact information here.


I charge £60 per session. Face-to-face sessions last fifty minutes, whilst Zoom and telephone sessions last an hour.